Self Improvement

Confidence, it’s something everyone really needs to have in their life. There are many types of confidence. You can have the rude type of confidence and the really nice confidence. In this article I will be talking about how to control each one of them and how each one works better than the other.

Did you know that waitress at restaurants have the highest confidence in a nice way? This is because they need to be nice to each one of their customers and don’t need to be shy to ask if they are ready to order. How would you feel if you went to a restaurant and you saw many employees just sitting there while you wait for someone to take your order? That’s one of the main reasons waitresses have the highest confidence because they come up to you and are friendly without being shy and ask you stuff like : What would you like to drink? Are you ready to order? Is the food okay? And more stuff like that. It also will benefit them because the client also might even give them a tip which can help the waitress’s expenses to be paid that’s obviously the good kind of confidence because everyone wins on that end. But then there is also a person that is rude and has a lot of confidence to say anything they want. This type of confidence can cause a lot of trouble such as: Fighting, murders, terrorism and more. Many people do need to know how to control their confidence here. I used to have a friend that would be like that and I was not scared of him at all. I was only a couple months older than him but I had taken him down in a small fight so he would stop messing with me. After a while he came and asked me why I am not so rude to people. I showed him everything I knew about how to keep calm but one of the main things I remember telling him was that “If your confidence hurts someone else, it will come and hurt you in the future.” By this he understood everything I mint and he took me very serious. He also did not have a dad so I would guess that was one of the reasons he was like that. I took him to my house and I taught him what would happen if he did this and that. He eventually did learn and learned some manners also, for now that I am aware of, he is making many friends and he is very nice and has not recently been in any fights.

How To Be More Confident

Ever had problems in not being confident enough? If you do, then you must keep reading to know how to remove that from you and so you won’t be shy and have the confidence to do anything in front of anyone.

Many people do not have much confidence in them, I actually used to be very nervous around anyone to say anything, but after you follow my tricks you won’t be shy at all! Few people are born confident, research shows. The self-assured learn to be that way, and you can too. The average human has 65,000 thoughts every day, about 85 to 90 percent of them are negative, things to worry about or fear about. If you are the type of person that is normally always inside doing nothing and just eating and watching TV, that will really affect you. One thing you will need to do is go to the store by yourself really often so people that you might know will see you there and say “Hey, I know him! I can’t believe he shops by himself. “What I am trying to say is that then they will try to either talk to you or just see you. If they come talking to you just say what normal people will say. Now let’s say you’re the quietest person in the whole class. One thing you need to do is to ask a lot of questions so people might also want to be in your partner since they will know you will work with them and have some fun, that will just simply want to talk more and more and hang out more. Once that is done you and the other person will be friends and he will show you to his friends every once in a while, he might even ask you if he can come over with his brother or sister or even his friends. Never say no to that! That is your chance to make even more friends and also your chance to gain more confidence to talk in front of them. Just simply doing these steps will get you closer to be able to talk to more people and make more friends. I myself was one of the shiest persons in the whole class of 45 people. In between the middle of the year I had won the award of funnies person in the whole class because I kept talking to people and made me more comfortable around them. Once that happened I knew there was nothing to be scared about and just simply made a joke every once in a while and everyone would laugh along and then everyone would just simply show love.

Living Your Dream

A great dream starts in a dreamer’s mind. Always remember that you have the strength to go through tough times, the patience to wait for the right time to take place, and the passion to reach your dreams and change the world. The choice to take the path towards self-improvement is yours to make.

As time passes by, people realize that everything is much more complicated than it used to be when they were younger. Most people think that life is hard, life is unfair, and life is fast. But what they do not realize is that life is a not a race. It is a slow dance wherein you need to learn the rhythm. And once you find the rhythm, you will then realize that life is the best gift you have ever received. Such is the path to self-improvement.

Everything begins with being small. But you can always set the right foundation to grow big things ahead of you. And so, if you really want to get on the path of self-improvement, ask yourself, “how badly do I want to change myself for the better?” Once you find the answer, be prepared to take the steps necessary to achieve the level of self-improvement that you desire.

The first thing to do if you want to go on the path of self-improvement is to plan your life. Teachers do not just teach things randomly. They do not teach physics to a student in kindergarten today, then algebra in the next day. Instead, they follow a certain syllabus to guide the students further. The same goes for your dream. The more you plan your future, the better your future will be. But do not be so content in just planning. You should also work hard and smart on self-improvement to reach your dreams.

Visualize your dreams. Imagine yourself being successful. Try it now. Imagine yourself driving your new car to your big house in a well-known neighborhood. Imagine having all the wealth and fortune you wanted. How does it feel? It feels good right? That is how you should feel every single day. This will prepare your mind towards the right track towards self-improvement and success.

Your dream can only go as far as you can take it. If you think that you can’t do it, then you probably won’t. Part of what you should do for self-improvement is to boost your confidence and be positive about everything else.

Ignore those who do not believe that you can be better. Sometimes, they will even tell you that it is impossible to achieve your dreams. Many people may have tried to stop you from dreaming. But if you are really serious about self-improvement and reaching your goals, ignore them. They cannot contribute anything to your self-improvement. Do not listen to them. The best example for this is Steve Jobs. Many people tried to stop him, but he proved everyone else wrong. And now, Apple is one of the greatest companies in the world.

In order to be successful in self-improvement and to reach your dream, you have to believe in yourself more than everyone else. Never limit your potential, because you will never know how far you can go with your self-improvement and how high you can actually go to reach your dreams.

Being Happy

No one wants to be sad in their life, everyone wants to be happy. But, it is too bad that in this life, happiness doesn’t just come to us.

People often chase happiness not knowing that happiness can only start once they learn how to let go. This means letting go of the things that will make you sad and will make you cry. This also means letting go of the people who hold you back from being happy.

You have to understand that happiness comes with self-improvement. When you strive to be the best that you can be despite all the challenges, you focus on the good things about yourself. There is no room for negative thoughts when you strive for self-improvement. When you take the path towards self-improvement, happiness cannot be far behind.

The Past

The first step towards self-improvement is to let go of the past. The past is done. There is not much you can do to change the past. You are living in the present right now. If you let your past control you, you will be limited by it. Live in the present and be happy about what you have right now. Part of self-improvement is recognizing that you’ve made mistakes, but also realizing that you can move on from these mistakes. Live in the present and live it with a positive outlook.

The Future

Although you have long term goals, obsessing about what the future holds will do you no good. The fruits of your self-improvement could be felt today as much as in the future. Having lofty expectations of your future self gives your present self the pressure to reach your goals. When you focus on what lies ahead, you don’t have much room to be happy with the present. Don’t overthink. Live your life a day at a time, take self-improvement a step at a time, and revel in the things that make you happy as they come.

The People In Your Life

People are social beings. Being happy naturally involves being with people whose company you enjoy. When these people influence you negatively, however, it can be difficult to be happy. Your family and friends should support you in your self-improvement. You should also support them in their own efforts at self-improvement. When you and the people around you have a positive outlook and a self-improvement perspective, it is easier to be happy with your life.

Your Expectations

A lot of people are not happy because they cannot meet the expectations that they’ve set for themselves and perhaps for others as well. Let go of your expectations. Better yet, manage your expectations. Not everything will go as planned. As such, you need to be ready to move on when things do not go as you hoped they would. Dwelling on unmet expectations will keep you from being happy and could derail your efforts towards self-improvement.

Moving On

Happiness and self-improvement go hand in hand. Recognizing your own imperfections and continuously striving for self-improvement will make it possible for you to move on and be happy with what you have. The power to be happy is in your hands.

Positive Thinking As A Way Of Life

Ever since I was young I thought it was important to be positive, all the time about everything. A nonstop I’m Gonna Do This The Right Way attitude.

To start, just being nice to people. You should, and have to have a pleasant aura inside and around you, and people will see it. Treat everyone with respect and think of their emotion first, they are what matters, not you. You deal with yoursef by yourself. And as well they should have a positive reaction to you, but we’re not all that lucky sometimes. Every situation with someone you should be trying to please them.

Well not constantly, but situations with your friends, family, and lovers should be air free of conflict and anger. It’s not even a question, there is no reason for fighting or being pissed at anyone. A rising occurrence can be dealt with your positive emotion. I am me and what another is dealing with negatively in their head should not bother me or get a rise out of me. Blow it off, who cares, what’s the big deal, what’s gonna happen, what’s everyone getting so pissed about. You should carry that attitude with you wherever you go, things will just take care of themselves.

Smile, just try to smile all day, have fun. At work or school, walking around at the store, out to eat, smile at a stranger in passing. People notice you and it may reflect on them or your relationship. And you’ll feel first-rate and unbeatable everyday, it’s your world.

And we gotta laugh. None of us are comedians but just make a point to laugh. Sure we all watch tv and movies but find stuff to laugh at. Laugh at yourself, because your a clutz, because your fat, because you do dumb stuff. I’ve laughed so much and at the stupidest stuff for so many years I just sit there and I can’t help it.

Try not to worry about stuff, “Am I Going To Get This Right Or Finish This Project In Time?”. Keep your composure, take a breath or whatever. Be smooth, confident and relax.

Take your weaknesses and turn them into positives. Stuff you know suck at, work at bettering yourself in that situation, become good at it and impress yourself.

Practical Ways Towards Self Improvement

Becoming a better person starts with one word: initiative. You can always tell yourself that you will start a new life as a better person this New Year, but if you do not take steps towards actually making changes in your life, you will end the year with another broken new year’s resolution. If you really want to work towards self-improvement, read through these practical ideas. Maybe one of these can give you a jumpstart!

1. Overcome your fears. Everyone has their fears: fear of cockroaches, of the dark, of the future, of heights or of the unknown. One of the many secrets that successful people has is that they know how to overcome their fears. You can never learn to be a better person if you don’t work on defeating your inner battles and start facing the monster that keeps you from living your life to the fullest. Start small and one day, you’ll be strong enough to admit that you have conquered your fear.

2. Get out of your comfort zone. When you keep on doing the very same stuff every day, your life gets stagnant. Everything will become routine and monotonous. Boring. To help you live a better life, try doing something outrageous, something you have never done before. Just make sure that you do it without harming yourself or anyone around you. Try eating exotic food. Crash a party. Bake a cake. Volunteer to assist in an elderly home. Plant a flower. Climb a tree. Go parasailing. Sing onstage during a karaoke night. Learn scuba diving. Earn a black belt. There are so many things that you can explore to help you see life in a different perspective. It’s only a matter of you thinking out of the box and making a move.

3. Let go of your past and move on. Are you still grieving from the loss of an important person? Are you still living in the past? Still remembering a very embarrassing moment? Stop and learn to let go. When you live in the dark memories of your past, you are limiting your life to what you think is safe. You will live in a bubble made by your memories of the past. If it’s too hard for you to move one, try seeking professional help or better yet, ask help from a friend or loved one. They will always be the best people to give you advises because they know you more than anyone.

4. Share random acts of kindness. As the cliché goes, “You reap what you sow.” Show acts of love to random people who need them most. By doing so, you get to realize that you are still lucky with some things that you have. We can’t always have everything but God gives us what we need to be not just good, but be a better person. Extending a helping hand will also give you a strong feeling of accomplishment, knowing that you made someone happy.

5. Forgive and be forgiven. Holding grudges is a very stressful feeling. Learn to forgive and let go. Also, learn to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. Forgiving and being forgiven offer quite a relief and make you feel better. And feeling better can help you improve yourself and the life you live.

What Do You Really Want In Life?

What do you really want in life?

Most people don’t figure out what they really want in life, and that’s a shame.

Most people live their lives watching television or doing things they don’t enjoy. An author described humanity by saying, “Most people die at twenty and are buried at eighty.” Are you one of these people?

What do you really want in life?

Some people struggle in asking themselves this question. When asked what they want or what their goals in life are, many are unsure. They hesitate in their decision, barely giving any thought about what they want in life. People without definite goals are letting ther lives pass them by. Are you one of these people?

If you are uncertain about what you want out of life, don’t worry. There are a lot of ways to uncover your purpose in life.

To discover what you want in life, try looking deep into your heart. Oftentimes, logic rules people’s lives. People live by what they think they should be or by what others like them to be. The discovery process is the perfect time to listen to your heart. What your heart desires comes from the whispers of your true self. Your true self is the real you.

Listen to your heart to be able to listen to your true self. What your heart says usually feels right. What your heart desires is what you usually love to do and this represents your passion. Anything done with passion is like play where the task is accomplished without hesitation. You pour out your very best and feel no tension or resistance.

You will totally enjoy doing things that are your passion. Disappointment, problems, and complications will make it more difficult, but should not discourage you from going after your goals. Naturally, there may be barriers that may prevent you from reaching your goal, but your heart’s desire will find ways to overcome these barriers so that you may ultimately get what you want in life. Remember this, the universe supports people who are pursuing their passion and those who are pursuing their destiny.

But this does not mean that you don’t use your brain. People are born with both the mind and heart. Your duty is to live your best life and be in harmony with your mind and heart. The poet Rumi wisely said, “Live completely in the head and you cannot feel the breath and rhythm of life. Live completely in the heart and you may find yourself acting like a love-struck fool with poor judgment and discipline. It’s all a fine balance – the head and heart must forge a lifetime partnership if one wants to live a beautiful life.”

Listen to your instinct. Part of human nature is the mysterious and natural reaction on things. These are called instincts. Your true self communicates with you and guides you with instincts. Instincts are those gentle pushes that prompt you to act and follow a certain path. Your role then is to listen attentively.

Sometimes we listen to what others say and allow them to run our lives. Parents often do this to their children. “We come from a family of doctors, so my son must also be a doctor.” How often do we hear this from parents who have good intentions for their children? Parents unconsciously block the true expression of their child’s real self and calling. Friends and critics will discourage you and point out the impossibility of your dream. Before taking their advice, evaluate the accomplishments of the critics. Did they achieve theirs dreams? Do they dream big at all?

Remember, it’s your future not theirs. It doesn’t mean that you will not listen to what other people say. Hear them out just the same. But the final decision should be yours.

There is only thing to remember, Every person, to live truly and greatly, must define how he wants to live and what his brightest life will look like. Listen to your natural tendencies and follow your heart’s desire. You will never go wrong.